5 Decorations with dried flowers

Decorating with dried flowers was already popular during the Victorian era, but it has made a big comeback in recent years as a way to connect with nature and is a fabulous alternative to fresh flowers.

Decorating with bouquets of dried flowers is a fabulous way to embellish shelves or a coffee table, or display individual stems in an array of vases or vintage bottles.

There are many ways to display dried flowers throughout the house. To help you get inspired, we've rounded up our favorite ideas along with some tips on how to create them.

basket dried flowers

Wicker baskets with flowers

To give a rustic touch to your decoration, there is no better option than a wicker basket filled with different varieties of dried flowers. It will give it a rural touch and it will look beautiful in a hall or living room at home.

To make it look as natural as possible, play with the height of the flower stems while creating spotlights with color to contrast with the other flowers.

The flowers that will fill your basket are the Brooms and the Paniculata .

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dried flowers in boxes

We never know what to put on the walls of a bathroom or kitchen. Framed flower pictures will help make spaces more welcoming in addition to that connection with nature.

Use natural dried flowers without dyes or colors and you will get that relaxed atmosphere.

wreath dried flowers
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Flower crown

We usually associate flower crowns with Christmas , but you can have crowns in every season of the year. Apart from hanging it on the door of the house, you can also hang it on a wall, be it a bedroom or living room.

Wreaths made from preserved lavender or dried oats are ideal for giving your home a country look.

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Garlands of dried flowers on the wall

Using dried flowers to make a garland is a lovely way to decorate a mantelpiece, adorn a mirror, a wall or as a table runner on a day of celebration.

Do you dare to make one? It will surely be the center of attention in your home.

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dried flowers with vintage vases

If you love decorating with antiques, why not display a dried bouquet in a vintage pitcher? Using antique pieces is a brilliant way to create a characterful decorative element and looks lovely on a mantelpiece or as a centerpiece in a country cottage kitchen.

What is your favorite floral decoration, it is impossible to choose just one.