How to choose the best vase for your floral arrangements and centerpieces

At Floueri, we believe that the right selection of vases can completely transform a space. Our goal is to share advice and knowledge on how to choose the perfect vase for your floral arrangements, something that raises many doubts among our florists.

Key Tips for Choosing a Good Vase

Before falling in love with a vase, there are important aspects to consider that can help you find the ideal combination:

  1. Stem Proportions: For traditional flower arrangements, the length of the stems should be proportional to the height of the vase. For example, our Real Touch Roses in Peach Cream, with 20-inch stems, fit perfectly in vases 10 to 15 inches tall.

  2. Matching Colors: Choose a vase that complements or contrasts with your flowers. A white vase for white roses or a contrasting shade can enhance the beauty of the arrangement. Online tools can help you identify which colors complement each other best.

  3. Vase Shape: An opening that is too wide may require more flowers to fill the space. Look for vases with wide bases and subtle curves to keep the arrangement stable.

Large Vases: Versatility and Elegance

Large vases offer stylistic versatility and can be great for any room, although their name suggests their use on the floor.

What flowers go best with large vases?

  • Curly Willow Branches: Ideal for organic and elegant shapes.
  • Pampas Grass and Tall Dry Stems: Provide height and texture.
  • Dried or preserved Long Stem Plants: Perfect for creating a visual impact.

Large Tabletop Vases: Elegance in Space

Large tabletop vases can be statement pieces, ideal for creating a focal point in any area of ​​your home. Experiment by mixing different styles of vases for a touch of creativity.

Bowls: Organic Elegance

These wide, shallow bowls are perfect for garden-inspired floral arrangements. Combine peonies, roses or anemones with green foliage for a charming and natural effect.

Bottle Vases: Simplicity and Style

Bottle vases are small and versatile, perfect for holding one or several stems. Experiment with thistles, lavender, and wildflowers for fresh, natural-looking arrangements.

Decorative Vases: Personality in Decoration

Add a distinctive touch to your space with decorative vases. Experiment with different styles, such as distressed ceramics or organically shaped vases, to complement your decor.

With these tips, we hope we have answered your questions about selecting vases for your floral arrangements. Do you want to share your creations? Tag us on social media to show your creativity with Floueri vases. Follow our networks for more floral design ideas and tips that will beautify your home.