Flower Drying Methods

how to dry flowers

How to dry the flowers?

The beauty of drying flowers is that the most common methods are simple and do not require any special equipment. It is a good exercise to disconnect from our usual tasks and dedicate an afternoon to flowers.

The most important thing in drying is that the flowers are fresh and, if possible, from our own garden. In this way we make sure that the fresh flowers have not been stored in the cold and we guarantee success in drying.

Air dry flowers:

It is surely the most common method for drying and can be applied to any type of flower and leaf.

It is about making small bunches of intact stems of flowers and leaves tied with a string and hanging upside down in a dry space without direct sunlight. Then we will wait 3 or 4 weeks depending on the thickness of the stem to make sure that the moisture in the flower has completely evaporated.

Dried in a vase:

Although it seems nonsense, in this method we will dry the flowers in a vase with a little water.

In a vase high enough so that it does not get wet between the stem and the flower, we will put 5 centimeters of clean and cold water, we will leave the stems in clean water until the petals are completely dry. This process is ideal for Paniculata or Hydrangeas.

Direct heat drying:

For this method we will need our kitchen, in fact the microwave. To dry the flowers in the microwave you must spread them on the baking paper without touching each other and cut them as long as they can be completely dried.

Our recommendation is to dry them at low temperature and in bursts of 10 seconds until they are completely dry without losing color.

dried pressed flowers

Flower pressing:

Have you ever kept a flower in the middle of your favorite book? This process is already flower pressing. But it can be carried out on many levels, using wooden clamps or the simplest way between the pages of a book.

To press the flowers between a book , place the stem between a page of newsprint and store between the pages of a thick book. After a couple of weeks it will surely be completely dry.

Preserving flowers with glycerin:

Drying with glycerin is nothing more than preserved flowers that are so fashionable. So preserved flowers are also dried flowers, except that they look fresher because they have elasticity thanks to glycerin.

In this method we will dissolve warm water with glycerin in a vase and submerge the stems for a week so that they do not touch or overlap so that the stem can absorb the solution. After a week we can use them for our arrangements.

In this post we tell you how to differentiate dried flowers from those preserved in more depth.

Now you have no excuses for making your own dried flowers, remember that the more fragile a fresh flower is, the more difficult it is for drying to be successful.