Deciphering Floral Language: The Meaning of Flowers and Their Colors

We want to take you on an emotional journey through the color palette and hidden meanings of some of our favorite flowers. Because who said flowers are only for Valentine's Day or weddings? It's time to give a floral touch to your communication!

1. Roses: For All Stages of Relationships

Roses are the bread and butter of floral language, and we all understand it. Here we decipher it for you:

  • Red rose: Obviously, it is the sign of "I like you very, very much." Ideal for when you want to send romantic signals without taking the step towards commitment.

  • White rose: The purity of friendship. Give your BFF a white bouquet to show how much you appreciate those shared memes and Netflix nights.

  • Yellow Rose: Want to say thank you without being too cheesy? Yellow roses are perfect for expressing gratitude without losing the modern vibe.

  • Pink Rose: Have you met someone amazing but aren't sure how far things will go? Pink roses are like "I like you, but I'm keeping it a mystery."

2. Lilies: The Touch of Casual Elegance

Lilies are like the floral version of wardrobe staples. Elegant but effortless. What do they mean to us?

  • White Lily: Is your friend graduating or having a birthday? A white lily symbolizes purity and is the ideal gift for those special moments.

  • Yellow lily: Party! Give yellow lilies to express joy and happiness. They are like the party emoji but in the shape of a flower.

  • Orange Lily: Did you meet someone who made you feel things? An orange lily is the modern way of saying "I find you super attractive."

3. Tulips: A Touch of Floral Drama!

Tulips, with their unique style, are the ideal choice to add that dramatic touch to your floral expression.

  • Red tulip: A touch of passion without losing style. It's like saying "Hey, I like you!" but with elegance.

  • White tulip: New friendship or relationship? A white tulip says, "You are pure and great, can we still be friends or see where this takes us?"

  • Yellow Tulip: Simply good for any sunny day. Do you want to convey good vibes and positivity? Yellow tulips are the answer.

4. Sunflowers: Instant Good Vibes

Sunflowers, true ambassadors of joy and positive energy, are presented as a riot of optimism in the floral world. These radiant yellow giants not only brighten up any space, but also bring an instant dose of good vibes to any occasion. A ray of sunshine in a bouquet!

5. Hydrangeas: Vintage and Eclectic

Giving hydrangeas is a sophisticated way to express gratitude and appreciation. Its presence in a bouquet communicates not only timeless beauty, but also a sincere gratitude that transcends words.

6. Peonies: Romantic

Peonies are the must-have in any modern bouquet. They represent romantic love and prosperity, perfect for showing that you're on top of trends!

Colors: A Modern Spectrum of Emotions

  • Pastel pink: Obviously! It represents romanticism, but with a relaxed attitude.

  • Light blue: For those chill and relaxed days.

  • Deep violet: A touch of mystery and elegance for those special moments.

  • Mustard Yellow: Vibrant and modern, instantly adds positive energy.

  • Cream white: Purity, but with that sophisticated touch.

  • Intense orange: Because sometimes, you need a little fire in your life.

  • Powder pink: For those romantic feelings but without falling into the cliché.

At Floueri, we believe that each flower and color has its own language, and we want to help you express your emotions in the most modern and fresh way possible. So, next time you're looking for the perfect floral gift, let our preserved flowers do the talking!