How to make a letter decorated with dried flowers

Looking for a creative way to decorate your home? Why not create a letter decorated with dried flowers? It's easy to do and will look fantastic as a piece of art on your wall. Follow these easy steps to create your own.

letter with dried flowers

Materials to decorate a letter with dried flowers:

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Step by step to make dried flower letters

There are many methods to decorate the letters with dried flowers, but we like this method because it is very simple and it takes a short time. Ideal for an afternoon at home, even with children.

  1. We will glue the entire green leaf base, so that it is filled and with volume. You can stick sheet by sheet or with mini stems. In our case we have used the Eucalyptus Populus, since its leaves are large and flat. Very easy to handle.
  2. We will place the main and largest flowers to see the composition, in our case they are the Hellycrisum and the Craspedia. Once you get the position of the flowers that you like the most, you can paste it.
  3. To give it the overlapping effect, complement with smaller flowers in colors that contrast with the leaf and the main flower. In our case we have used the Paniculata, the Brooms and Phalaris.

And voila!, you have it.

An extra trick if you don't want the cardboard of the letter to be seen. Before you start you can paint it with chalk paint of a neutral tone.

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