Vertical garden decoration and preserved plants for companies

Create an oasis in your business with preserved green decoration.

Beautify your commercial space with preserved plants and flowers, 100% natural, long-lasting and without the need for maintenance or light.

Unlike artificial plants, preserved flowers retain their natural characteristics, being authentic plants subjected to an organic preservation process to prolong their useful life. This sustainable approach reduces water consumption and allows you to decorate any space, even those that lack natural light.

Benefits of having preserved plants

100% natural

All preserved plants and flowers are natural that have been treated with a biodegradable formula.

Preserved plants have the same characteristics as other green decorative options such as artificial ones, but using natural and organic materials that benefit the planet and are visually more real.

Without the need for electricity and water

Easy to maintain and install

The products do not require light or water, which represents significant savings in installation and maintenance.

They last more than 3 years.

Environmentally friendly

Preserved plants and flowers are more environmentally friendly than freshly cut flowers due to their long life and low water consumption. The result is a significantly lower carbon footprint than fresh or artificial.

Tell us more about your green project

Biophilic design in businesses, restaurants, hotels or corporate spaces.

Customized exclusively for your establishment. Invite nature inside with our creations designed to transform your space.

Our moss wall art will add richness and vitality to any environment, whether residential or commercial. We adapt our design to meet the needs of any space, offering the versatility to hang it as a unique piece of art or integrate it into custom panels. Our expert designers incorporate a wide variety of natural materials, including mosses, ferns, branches, natural rocks, reclaimed wood, and other botanicals.

Every detail is preserved naturally, simplifying its care and maintenance. We are delighted to collaborate and bring a unique touch to each project.