100% natural dried and preserved flowers. Don't require care and do not wither.

Your flowers arrive between 3 and 5 business days. Take advantage of free shipping for purchases over €50.

The team of florists will help you with your projects.

Immerse yourself in the lasting magic of preserved flowers and plants, 100% natural, defying time and respectful of the planet.

Goodbye to constantly buying flowers! With preserved flowers and plants, create bouquets that last for more than two years, maintaining freshness and unique colors, reducing your water footprint by more than 90%.

When choosing preserved flowers, you opt for 100% natural, avoiding decorating with plastics.

Choose long-lasting freshness and sustainable charm for your home.

Preserved flowers: less water, more style!

Did you know that a single fresh rose requires more than 40 liters of water to look perfect and only lasts a week? Embrace eco-friendly decor and durability with preserved flowers! Decorating with them not only adds a unique touch to your space, but also significantly reduces water use compared to fresh flowers.

Advantages of dried flowers

Tired of artificial flowers that look fake?

Imagine the freshness and true colors of flowers, but without worrying about them wilting. These beauties are 100% natural, no plastics around here! Decorating with preserved flowers is like bringing a piece of nature home without worrying about watering them or the light.

This is how they talk about Floueri

Nery: The flowers I ordered were lavender, they arrived in perfect condition and at the same time with a very fresh and pleasant smell! They have arrived on time!!

Susi: The material arrived in perfect condition, as shown in the image. With the order came a bouquet of flowers, small but nice detail. I have been delighted with the bouquet that I have made using the material.

Maria: The material arrived in perfect condition. They warned me that they did not have a product and they made the payment for that product quickly.
All perfect.

Marta: Very fast shipping, very well taken care of both for the quality of the product and for the aesthetics, as well as the effort made so that it does not spoil in the delivery. Very detailed. Delighted with my new discovery!