The secret to drying peonies perfectly

Peonies are beautiful flowers that can be enjoyed not only when fresh, but also when dried. In this article, we will reveal the secret to drying peonies perfectly. Follow these tips and you will be able to preserve the beauty of these flowers for a long time.

The best time to cut peonies to dry them

When you decide to dry peonies, it is important to cut them at the right time. Choose peonies that are fully open but not wilted. The best time to cut them is when the petals are soft to the touch and begin to show a slight color change towards paler shades. This will ensure that the peonies retain their shape and color when they dry.

Method for drying peonies step by step

Drying peonies is a simple but delicate process. After cutting the flowers, group them into small bouquets and tie them with an elastic band. Hang bouquets upside down in a dark, well-ventilated location. Let the peonies dry naturally for about two weeks, making sure they are not exposed to direct sunlight.

Dried peonies ready for your floral decoration.

Once you notice that the flowers are completely dry, they are ready to be used in your next floral design or simply added to your favorite vase. To ensure that they are kept in good condition for a long time, it is important to avoid direct sunlight and exposure to moisture. These precautions will help to maintain its appearance and beauty for longer.

How to care for dried peonies for long-term preservation

To properly care for dried peonies and maintain their beauty, it is essential to store them in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Also avoid humidity, as it can cause mold or rot. Or if you don't want to expose them, you can store the dried peonies in an airtight vase or container, making sure they are protected from moisture and dust.

Drying peonies is a wonderful way to preserve their beauty and enjoy them for a long time. Follow these simple steps to cut, dry, and care for your dried peonies. So you can add a lovely touch of dried flowers to your home or decorations all year long!