Origin of Valentine's Day: Discover the History behind February 14

Who doesn't love February 14 with its hearts and romantic touch? But did you know that this day has an incredible story behind it? Let's delve into the past and discover how this holiday of love and friendship came to be.

valentine's day origin

Valentine's Adventure:

It all begins in the time of ancient Rome and its revelry called Lupercalia, a lively festival that celebrated health and fertility. But here comes the twist: a certain Saint Valentine enters the scene, a rebellious priest who defied the emperor and united couples secretly, his daring being the one that marked the beginning of everything.

From the Past to the Present:
This date, February 14, became a day to celebrate love and friendship. Why just that day? Well, there are theories about spring, the rebirth of love and all that romantic stuff.

February 14: Festival of Love and Friendship:

Today, February 14 is a date to show love, appreciation and friendship towards the special people in our lives. It's the perfect time to give gifts, send letters or simply say "I love you" to those who warm our hearts.

Why do we give flowers for Valentine's Day?

The custom of giving flowers on Valentine's Day has its roots in 18th century England. Back then, there was a tradition of expressing feelings and sending messages through the language of flowers, known as "floriography."

On Valentine's Day, dedicated to the patron saint of lovers, couples discreetly exchanged romantic messages, often using flowers to convey their feelings. This practice became very popular and spread rapidly over time.

Over the years, roses, especially red ones, became the main symbol of love and passion, closely related to Valentine's Day. The beauty and aroma of flowers, along with their ability to express feelings without the need for words, consolidated the tradition of giving them as gifts on this holiday of love.

Today, exchanging flowers on Valentine's Day has become a universal way of showing love, appreciation and affection towards loved ones, keeping alive this beautiful tradition that crosses cultures and borders.

Valentine's Day may have a confusing past, but it's still a wonderful holiday! It is a great opportunity to celebrate love, whether with your partner, friends or pets. Enjoy this day full of love and smiles!