Dried Flowers for All Saints' Day

On November 1, bring preserved flowers to honor your deceased and honor them with flowers that do not wither.

Make your center of dried and preserved flowers for the cemetery

Convey all your love by creating your own flower arrangement to pay tribute to those who are no longer there.

With the preserved flowers you will be able to take your own floral offering without it withering , in fact it can last for months, even until the following year.


How to make a dried flower arrangement for the cemetery


- 3-5 preserved roses

- 7 stems of Paniculata preserved

- 3 stems of Eucalyptus Populus

- Flowerpot

- Dry florist sponge

Step by Step:

1. Fill the pot with dry sponge

2. We will place the roses taking into account that the center will be seen from the front.

3. Fill the gaps between the roses with eucalyptus leaves.

4. We finish by adding the paniculata to give volume to the center and hide the small holes that can be perceived.

All about flowers on All Saints' Day

What flowers are typical for All Saints?

The most common flowers in cemeteries are roses, carnations, chrysanthemums and lilies. Always accompanied by green leaves such as eucalyptus or with paniculata.

What meaning do flowers have for a deceased?

Bringing flowers is a symbol of respect, admiration, gratitude or love for the deceased person.